Program 10 send text and get text Paltalk 10 436

i don’t know anyone having same problem send text and get text paltalk 10 436 same as me ? without @ can’t send text to room …. 🙄

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  1. umm, like the room international friends something lol it dont work not the lastline or send text code 😕 but in my test room they work, mad weird 😳

  2. so far i knowledge call send text by chatter and admin something like this or else :d like autopilot said ” hey it’s spring time and the ladies are out again, so the apps are taking some time off… just like loco :d
    ‘Call SendMessageSTRING(rich20, WM_SETTEXT, 0&, msg) << admin …if u disable
    Call SendMessageSTRING(rich20, WM_SETTEXT, 0&, msg)<< chatter…. if u enable

  3. hi ever1 just wanted to thank loco for his old vb6 code, still working little changes like richedit20a to richedit20w and SplitterWindowEx works FINE still using, i created from Loco old vb6 text customizer with fade color and added smile: :swift: :nobuddy: :jon: :roger: :vexxler: :frank: :altay: :dave: and @eva05.paltalk THANKS LOCO 😀

  4. @wazzzup wrote:

    i think vb6 no longer components with paltalk feature

    I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with it being vb6 or not.

    Go to the programming section of the forum and post the code you are working with. Might be a simple coding error.

  5. @locohacker wrote:

    with some room it works and some it doesn’t weird is paltalk prob did something so only admins can send text

    Hmmmm. Maybe its some sort of “red dot” type command or a new room setting feature. I tested in both a general public room as well as a sponsored room and it worked in both. If you come across a room that it wont work in, post what it is. Wazzzup also said he couldn’t “get text” from the room either… so it could be they have changed the way text is printed to the room in some rooms.

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