Quick-Register Tool (NEW)

Quick Register Tool

Create a new Username in seconds. This is the first Quick Registration ever made for Paltalk 10.x…… This is our 2nd Version with only 1 Click to Register! Paltalk blocked all their URLS and ENCRYPTED them. But we found an easy way to make our own version..

First put your info (Username, Pass, Email, Etc in the empty fields…
And Click on REGISTER Button, DONE..

Notice: The password MUST NOT containt same letters or characters as the Username! Paltalk Online Registration Requires It. So username & password should be different!

Made by China-Cheats Team & ChiNa-Man

3 thoughts on “Quick-Register Tool (NEW)

  1. Thank you NVYE and bro LOCO..

    You are all my rolemodels, I look upto each and every one of you and try to do my best to make something that are different… And sometimes I success and sometimes I come and ask you guys for advice.. And you all been there for me and everyone else! I admire you all..

    Thanks a lot guys for your comments

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