QuickCapture v0.1 (First Release)

QuickCapture is a software that captures visible items displayed on the monitor then stores into the clipboard or file.  QuickCapture  gives us the ability to capture screen images quickly without any additional tasks. It allows the user to capture screen images and save them into a user predefined folder. The application is user friendly and easy to use. Here are some of capturing tasks that Screen Shot application may be handy; full screen capture (entire desktop), object capture (windows, controls etc.), rectangle area capture, full web page capture, clipboard and active window image capture.



5 thoughts on “QuickCapture v0.1 (First Release)

  1. I need this one for my work.  I try to search around to find one … but I couldn’t find anything that’s suitable for me.  I’m making technical documentations … it’s hard for me to use print-screen and slow down the process … so that’s why QuickCapture was borned … so I hope you guys find it helpful.


    Version 0.3
    * Tools menu option
    * Save image on capture
    * Check for new upgrade
    Minor bugs

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