Updated QuicKeys to allow the user to change the configuration of how it connects to the room. This way, as Paltalk changes its app to break the integration, the user can just re configure and be back up and running without the need to recode the app.

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  1. @autopilot wrote:

    This way, as Paltalk changes its app to break the integration

    Don’t flatter yourself too much, the latest version is FUBAR, whispers won’t go in the room old versions and epress video doesn’t work, pal start with windows and its not possible to stop it and who know what more.
    Simply poor code management and QC.
    Ebery programmer think that he must change the code that don’t look right to them, but that code have been tested and debuged so the go and change and screw up everything.
    That’s what code control is for, only required or planned changes are added/merged

  2. @locohacker wrote:

    Nice update man, I like the thingy to get the class

    Thanks, it was a lot easier then i thought it would be too.
    @locohacker wrote:

    hey can I put this in the download section

    As always, you are welcome to do with it as you see fit. I posted it to your site, so you are free to put it were ever you want on your site.

  3. To over come paltalk changing their interface to break our integrations, I have added the ability to configure QuicKeys anytime you need to. When you start QuicKeys, if the configuration is missing for your current Pal nic, it will prompt you to run the QuicKeys Configuration Tool.

  4. Under Start – Programs – Autopilot Integrations you will find QuicKeysConfigurationTool.exe. Run this to configure how QuicKeys finds the different parts of the Chat room. In the configuration tool, you can choose method 1 or method 2 to find the room parts. Method 1 uses the standard classes and indexes. Method 2 uses windows styles.


    There are 3 find buttons. The top find is for the box that you type text into in the room. Click the Find and hold the mouse button down, and drag the cross onto the send text box of the room.


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