QuicKeys for Paltalk 9.9

😀 GM all,

I use since years Quickeys (now 1.02.1 ) Adoring that program so much i miss it BADLY in Paltalk 9.9. I had to go back to 9.8., where it works fine. I’m AFRAID Pal will force us to upgrade soon to 9.9. and i dont have anymore choice ! Will there be an upgrade on Quickeys soon ? TY so much 4 your help and have a nice day !

(I hope here i’m right…plse dont scream at me if not ) 😉 😉 😉

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  1. Hello all,
    I was so hoping to get an answer to my request 🙁 Nobody can tell me if there will be an update for Quickeys 1.02.1 ??
    Happy Mothersday to all Moms 😉

    Have a nice week – end

  2. 🙂 as the program was by auto 🙂 I can try to remake it if he doesn’t but summer is here lol let’s wait when auto comes back to see if he gives it an update 🙂

  3. Here we gooooo:-( 🙁 Paltalk want me to upgrade now ! I will lose Quickeys now. Tis makes me really sad ! Is there really nobody trying to work at it for Pal 9.9. ?

    A very SAD Reni

  4. you say you love the program yet you have not contributed to its support! QuicKeys was a combination of about 3 years work for me. there were a few people that contributed, but it was less then 5. i know that thousands of people used the program, and if they are not interested in supporting it, i am not interested in making it.

    i got burned out on the gerber babies and the paltalk integrations.

    i will see about making the code available over on im-integrations.com.

  5. 😛 Thats GREAT News 😉 TY for your answer and of course i’ll wait like a good girl does… 😛 I just hope Pal gives me time and doesnt force me to upgrade 🙄

    Thank You


  6. i dont know if i will be making any update for quickeys. i dont use pal very often any more and so i dont have need for the program myself.

    if i get some time, i may do it, but it wont be soon.

  7. Awwwwww 🙁 🙁 🙁 Ok, of course i understand. It was a SUPERB program… a GREAT Idea, I really appreciated it 200%. Anyway… TY for your answer autopilot.


  8. Yes Autopilot you are totally right. Its not honest what i did. There is NO excuse and I apologize and yes wil send you something (By Mastercard and from Renate H.). You will get it the next days.

    I understand if you dont want make it available anymore but will have a look in that website you posted earlier.

    TY for your efforts and let me tell you if 1000sands were using it ( and i believe that with closed eyes) then it means you did an amazing job !!


  9. @autopilot wrote:

    it does work on Windows7. It does require running with elevated access (As Administrator) though.

    Oh ok that i was unaware of but thanks autopilot for the information will see if this improves the performance.

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