Hey guys. I already submitted a ticket on paltalk’s bans and restrictions page. All I do is sit in my room and bug no one. I go into the Help lobby and from out of the blue I see a red dot. I have no clue as to why I got a red dot. Then all the sudden I see Paltalk has closed with no explanation. Then I logged in and I try to join a G room a A room and R rooms. rc-5236 This account was in some way used inappropriately in the past and is restricted from joining rooms. I tried to find a list of these rc codes to learn what they meant but found nothing. Can anyone help me with this?

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  1. UPDATE: I have received a reply from Paltalk customer service and goes like this:


    Your ban has been reviewed and has been lifted. To avoid being banned in the future please visit http://www.paltalk.com to view our terms of service.

    Thank you

    AVM Software Customer Service


    The thing is the rc-5236 message still pops up and I cannot join a room at all. Anyone please help me understand what is going on.


  2. Umm maybe it takes a day to update, but I suck on bans this days :mrgreen:
    but I think that bans is that the owner only allows certain people to go into the room, are you trying to go back to the same room?

  3. Locohacker, It prevented entry to all Paltalk user rooms and permanent rooms. I re-filed a ticket on bans and restrictions then got a email saying it was lifted just like the prior email. I signed in and indeed it was lifted because I could enter any room without a lock password.

  4. Ah damn, those bans are getting harder to get out this days 🙂 But at least they were nice enough to work with you, they never were nice to me lol And I was such a good Paltalker :mrgreen:

  5. ‘@localhacker

    Well when i got room banned I just entered the help lobby 1. That’s all I did. I saw some nickname going in and out of the room repeatedly and rapidly. I wonder if I got confused with that one they were trying to red dot, bounce and ban that hacking nic. It started with a “O” is all i remember from it.

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