Reply To: ghostriderofthenite Ultimate Bot project


lol wow your alive hahahahah if you have look at current version i may have messed things up, i can get trivia show in room manually but its odd and clears text in room and i add font and color palate to change font and color but only i can see and it still dont get and accept answers im not sure i think prb is a module thing but not find a good source on how to create module yet thats yer expert area hahahah

so this is were i left it i think each form has to be linked to all join or as one project once finished and made a program for trivia users in room list added but needs show like in your trivia i made bann list seperate form all music links in music counsole work and mixer but not capture youtube video to media player and transfer to webcam and all game links work but the trivia is a mess hahahaha probably my fault

I know its a massive project but will be Great when working, oh and I got mic timer working perfect shows in room hahahha some how