Reply To: Paltalk APIs


Hi Loco,
I could’ve started another thread but this one seemed related enough to jump in on. I’m interested in how i might go about setting up your old code to “re-join” a room on Classic (i.e. if Paltalk boots you and disconnects the audio server you can no longer monitor the list for who is on the mic. This basically makes an unattended mic timer glitchy af despite the best of code.) The idea is if one is running the timer unattended or simply letting it actively monitor the room’s mic usage on its own, it would be better if it could detect a paltalk disconnect and reconnect to the room and resume timing

Any thoughts or help in the right direction would be appreciated. I am savvy enough to use an API spy but so far I have not been able to figure out how to get return codes on Menu options. I’m not sure how you and Autopilot, String and Departure got the return codes for the Pal Commands in PalInfo module and I can’t replicate the codes that are coded in the module. (not sure if this is due to some change in the Paltalk program itself like when they changed the Read and Send Indexes. Or when they changed how the NicList is referenced ( I’d like to revisit the NicList reference issue with you later and see if you have found a way around it)

I am able to fairly accurately, detect when I need to refresh the room if no mic activity yet the queue continues to change or just by receiving a command from an admin. My issue is how best to open up a room when the title is known. I suppose as a last resort I could use SendKeys to open menus and select it but it seems the proper way would be getting the timer re-enter the room it is monitoring without relying on it being on the Favorites list would be preferred. Any ideas?