Reply To: Paltalk APIs


Short answer is yes, because I would like it to dot those that refuse to get off the mic when certain triggers are tripped. But I think the Timer app could even be ran without Admin rights just with less features available.

Being able to re-enter the room would be a useful way to fix one of my major obstacles in releasing a version because it is just useless to me otherwise since ethernet connection on the machine I run Paltalk on is not an option for me. My wifi often is disrupted enough to bump me out of the room and back in without disconnecting from Paltalk though it kills the audio channel connection.

If I understood how to traverse the windows better I might be able to figure out how to access the syslist32 lists within the Paltalk Room Browser. Any help in how to open it and select a category would be greatly appreciated.

I suspect I know why you are asking about admin rights and it has to do with a change Paltalk made in their later version, am I correct?