Reply To: Paltalk Sharer – Share your Online and Media Player Activities


@NYVE, Thank a  lot for your admiring and kind words! I know your work and products is talking for it self. And I am learning and taking it one day at a time. I cant remember how many Programming Forums I have joined so far for the past year. And they have all been amazingly helpfull. I am now looking into C# a lot lately, so hopefully if there is any questions I will be asking you guys.

@Reformed_Dj. Thank you,  you always provide just the type of feedback a developer needs…. Befor we Start I want to notice you that the Product runs BEST and REQUIRES NET.Framework 4 Client Profile. And make sure your NET.Framework is Upto date if using this Product.

1) Spotify MUST be running first to use it.

2) About the customized Text. We wanted this to be simple as possible without adding any further options for the Player. So thats how its kept and dont think we will add any other options! You can use Spotify-Bot for that as you mentioned.

3) About Spotify Maximizing. I have it Minimized and I can play next song  by using the CTRL + RIGHT arrow. Or by using the “Next” menu in my system tray without it popsup or being Maximized or the other way.

4) And this is the answer for your Feedbacks in nr 3 + 4 + 5 , So while I was testing I simply turned on the Screen Recorder to have it recoreded. I tested Chrome Browser and Spotifty. And BTW, The Screen Recorder I am using is for a weird reason not showing the Paltalk Sharer lool. This is not the first time, But you can at least see whats going on.

I started Paltalk Sharer and enabled the options seen on the image below, and Started Browsing using Chrome. As you can see I am have Enabled Both Options for Sending Titles into the Room + as Away Msg at the same time.

I made 2 videos, because the first one containted Music that caused the video to get Blocked! So the complete Spotify part is not added in this video. Because I did not had it installed.

Part 1 –  Testing Chrome Browser and with Both Options Enabled (Adds Text in Room and as Away Msg)

Part 2 – Testing Spotify “Next Song” while its in Minimize Mode. Using CTRL + Right Arrow and “Next” Menu in System Tray Icon.

If you cant see the Video here because of the Music Copryrights content, then Please watch the Video on Youtube ! Direct Link:

After Testing Chrome: I found no issues with Chrome Titles being Slow or Anything. Or by Sending the Text in the Room and Away Message at the same time. Works Flawlesss.

After Testing Spotify: I tested Spotify while it was Minimized. And no issues found. Unless I have missunderstood something. If you still have issues, then I would like to know see a short Video or if you can Provide an Animated GIF. Or maybe explain how you use Spotify with the Paltalk Sharer Tool. Is Paltalk Share Minimized while you Play Next song, or if you could provide a Screenshot of your Desktop befor it goes in Mazimize mode.. Thanks

– And about the Mute Words. You simply add the words you dont want Publish. It will simply remove it from the Titles. But this option will be updated very soon, so users can save the Mute Words in the box.

The product has been tested on all Windows Versions, + All the Browsers Installed on all Windows Versions it was tested on. Except Windows 8. I think you should maybe check if you are missing any Windows or NET.FRAMEWORK Updates on your Computer. So far no issues have been found or reported in my forums either!

Thanks DJ for your awesome feedback! I will be updating it very soon with the new Option to save the Mute Words….