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Reply To: Paltalk Bot


Okay I updated to work for 530 get it again 🙂

Yea chike I know I had to do it differently but ya know how I am in the summer lol only time for quick updates :mrgreen:
DoubleM if you using PAT or JK’s Api spy all you need to do is put the mouse pointer on top of the room nick list when you using the APi Spy Tab of the program there you will see right next to where it says “Windows Class Name:” a number starting with ATL: in the window of the api spy. You need to change in the program code in the mdlPalInfo.vb module this code

Public ReadOnly Property NicListClass() As String
Return "ATL:00AE2508"
End Get
End Property

Where you see the ATL to the new ATL that each build has 🙂 but is a pain I need to change it like Chike says :mrgreen:

Okay guys try it out see if the new version works