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Reply To: PALPALPAL new for testing


ok due the probmel you were having and others might have is that you have uesd the old progs i made previusley and the setup.bat makes severil copys of Pal .exe and the prog just references them so one of whet you were opening was pal 9.0 but the rest of wheat you were opening were the old paltalks
now because i like you guys if you run this setup .bat it will sort this problem out but you must wait til it finishes
@poison_a wrote:

@Ghost wrote:

First, its not loco, its locninja.

Second, go update your Paltalk by going to and it will probably work.

Oh,sorry for the nick confusion 😳

Ghost,this I am trying to say,that i am on pal 9(it is upgrade it) only when i use this soft ,dunno how it logs me like pal 8.3 (which i dont even hv it on my pc) 🙄

This is a normal log in (not using any software tricks)

And this is a log with Locninja software but see the 8.3….no idea from where that comes 😳

It finally works…..i am not sure what i messed up in my pc but it WORKS !!! 🙂

Ty all guys,u r the best 😀