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Reply To: paltalk 715 without pass.


@YeaAnd wrote:

yea…..i was the one that made the color thing without the password….found out that u have to install it with a password for it to work cus it does somethin ……

i dont use that colored stuff aymore….its nothin but spyware….just do like loco said….get the new paltalk and use the bnp killer for it n its pretty much the same thing…. 😀

well there is a few ways around the PT color thing to get it to work like i said on a forum u would need a hackers/crackers kit to get around the way it was packed and shit or – there is a few regs files u can do that might help i have a few links for the stuff and crap but meh most the ppl use normal paltalk but i use the ptx not bad and everyone needs to get this right – ptx and paltalk are spyware lol no just ptx its also paltalk so anyways yea – just get pt 9 and then download that killer crap or w/e