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Reply To: Somthing new I think you might all like


method…did u do all the steps i posted for the installation and did u get the dot net framework from the link i posted? Here, ill repost to instructions wit the link:

“OK. make sure u got the latest one that was posted. Now first open the setup.bat file and the lil black screen wit the white letters will come up. u will see it copying files. wait til its done wit that (in the upper left corner it will say “Finished -Setup” when it’s done) leave that opened while u are installing and open up the setup.exe file and go through the installation and ur done.

For this prog to work u need the .NET Framework v.1.1.4322 installed on ur PC so make sure u got that. If u dont then u can download the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 Redistributable Package from this link:

And then install that on ur PC. then look in C:Program FilesLocNinJaPALPalPalPal and make a shortcut for the prog for ur conveinence. Everything should work after all that! Enjoy! 😀 “