Reply To: Hearme voice chat is back!


UnknowNPoweR that is true that paltalk is spying . But if u are not a crimanal and bad dude then if they spy on u, what they gain ? basically nothing!!! they just wast they time!!

Ofcourse they can not steal your credit card numbers and …. if they do they get introuble themself. Other then that if some one is not a crimanl then he or she should do not worry about it and paltalk just wastes his time to collect those information!! Do u agree on that ?

I know hearme and paltalk are same . the hearme web baced chat room is getting its file from server!! so they are just the same company. The reason that i like webbaced is because u can put it in u website and user can come and i think that is good for paltalk to get more customers!!!

power u mean hearme webbaced voice chat is stolen from camfrog ? how ? does camfrog has webbaced voice chat too ?