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Reply To: Help for Raise Hand tool


yea its the high traffic people are sending me most of the time on other times its because i needed to clear my history and temporay files in my IE and it works

if you look at the buttom of all my posts theres my paltalk hacks store well if you dont see the image here displaying then my site is down but if you do see it my site is working.. and you and type in cause clicking on the banner below just takes you to the store..
thats why i told Admin and everyone who links me to link the code direct and not sotre my button on there site let it stay on mine this way if my site is down they can see but if they save my button and upload it to there server they wont know if its down or not unless they go to the site. i know the site is working cause there was many times i went to my site and see up to 10 users on there and i just came from my site here and there was 4 users on my site with me at the time.