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Reply To: PALTRIVIA Problem :!:


Ok here the latest, everything is working with some buggys lol if u guys have a change check it out and tell me all the bugs,

ok now the question can be send in color but remember to edit the style before u start the questions:

ok here a few comand that people can type in the room

For team game

team red! with this command you will be enter to team red,
team blue! with this command you will be enter to team blue.
h-score! with this command you can find the current highest score between the two teams. it will messge it to the room.
t-red score! this will get the current team red score and send a messege with it to the room
t-blue score! this wil send the team blue score to the room.
l-q! will send the last question to the room

For individual game

h-score! will send the messge with the player with the highest score to the room.
get U-S! nick will send the score of the nick
l-q! will send the last question to the room

known bugs
first i havent test the game with time option throughly so it might have even more bugs, lol but it sends the messege winner twice instead of once ):
same thing with the max game option okie

what i need to do.

1- option to save team score, right now it only does it for individual score, if u press on the save score link, u will see what i mean.
other stuff lol dont know yet 🙂 any suggestion

How to use the program in basic .
1- click on the edit button to create a question answer file, save it and remember where u put it.
2- now choose whether this will be a individual or team game.
now click on the load button to load the questions and answers.
3- choose the style of the question to be send, how its going to look, important do this before the game start, okie 🙂
4- press start button, thas it.

how to use it in timer.

oke do steps 1-3 of the basic
then enter the minutes or second you want the game to last
then press start game timer
thas it 🙂

how to use it in max score.
oke do steps 1-3 of the basic
enter the max point in the box, so the game will stop once that max score is reach.
then click on the start button next to it okie.
thas it lol.

any question just ask, and this not even beta yet, lol i just putting it here for u guys to test it and to tell me how its going so far. ah and again only works for the new paltalk okie 🙂