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Reply To: multi options


lolol well UDG, ANT, n all the lil kiddy members ill tell u somethin that pisses me off

back in the day not too long ago
when ice designz n h2k n all these clans were on paltalk
shit used to be fun
used to work on advanced progs that were never made before used to discover new shits n everythin
h2k made a custom paltalk that logs u on as Red Admin n everythin

buncha shit like that was goin on while all udg n gbh or whatever were in some
HOTT 11-15 year old GURLS N GUYZZ

n like i mean now i that i was off for a lil n we come back on here
n i see some lil skater boy who always begged ice for his codes n all that shit
sittin here makin some room closer or some useless shit
then givin himself a lil too much credit n talks like he some elite programer
i mean stfu already noob
u dun scare me with no “ILL DELETE UR SHIT”
this aint no 11-15 year old chat
grow up
stop bs
make real progs
then u try n get the credit u fuckin deserve thank u