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Project SP

ok hacky… do u hv the full visual studio with msdn….
if u do then, when u open visual basic.
goto menu
->Add-in Manager

if u go there then select the package and developement wizard
when u select it….
u will see in the downsection of that window
showing three checkboxes…. from there
check first two check boxes
wich are

-load on startup….

ok if u hv done that…..
save the project then select the
package and development package from the add in menu (vb main window)

then select the package after clickin it from the menu…
from there do the steps.
and there will be one important… option there
wich says something like…. dependecies.. option
if u select that one… wat this will do is…. all the files that u’re using in ur program will be in it…. for wich u can make a package of it….
its really ezy…. ull know how to use it….