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@locohacker wrote:

snguyen12 aigh man here wha u do step by step,
this for everybody u havethe file by now but check the easy steps 🙂

1-Download Burp proxy 1.3 here

2- Unzip it and open the folder where u unzip it

3- Now open IE then got to tool’s

> internet options

> connections —-> lan settings

> use proxy in the proxy setting use this
Address: localhost
Port: 8080
Press ok

4 – Now close IE

5- Now go to the folder where you unzip Burp proxy 1.3 and click on on a bas file, the file with the name proxy okie the the burp proxy will open, now open IE go to the paltalk site and follow Geo-evil directions 🙂

U said to follow direction by the Proxy.on the paltalk site.but i see none.