Reply To: Google Talk Best Voice Chat


ill stick to skype, sound is better than phone quality, interface is easy to use and looks good, customisable ringtones, there are a few progs out there to save you cost, like a skype answer phone to save you paying for theirs. it does mess up sometimes when you are doing other things but takes like 5 seconds to restart the call, i have sat and talked with people for hours, it is great and obviously saves tons on phone bills. if you live in uk you now get free calls to local landlines if you buy like £10 of credit.

Also try stana-phone, its in early development at the moment, but it gives you a free new york based number that people can phone from their home phone or cell and it doesnt cost you anything to recieve calls, they are working on numbers for different states. But if you work from your computer like i do and need a buisness number, this could be a good solution. It also gives you your “stana number” for pc-pc calls. this also features free voicemail, caller ID and call waiting.

Also on a related note, met a real dog in a club and they ask for your phone number? Try and get a free number for any state and any area in the US. All you do is record a personal greeting after signing up and then give them this number, they can call and call all they like but all they will get is your voicemail. Your voice messages can be customised so you get an email when someone leaves a message and even make it so it sends the message to your email as an attachment. i thought this was pretty cool. 🙂

Just a few ideas there for you guys.