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Reply To: No one use paltalk any more

CrAzY MoFo

ya paltalk has gone to shit more and more everyday it use to be fun they allowed blue rooms in teen groups…now they dont (not that i go in there anymore) lol they ban u if u say one swear word in a g rated room they blocked the banner scroller they blocked u from dancing to fast or u get kicked if u log on n off to much u get kicked if pple make a program 4 others to use on paltalk they go n block it a week l8a or sum shit so it dont work god i remember when rooms use to get like over 100 pple in them n everyone would have fun n u use to go red dottings pple bouncing pple closing rooms n all without admin n loads talked all pple do now is sit in rooms n dont tlak or u got the fucking pervs that just want net sex lol…n paltalk 8 i heard the streaming videos gonna be better n faster and that u can use msn aim n all that with paltalk again n a couple other shit not much difference tho lol