Reply To: Paltalk Messenger 11.4 Build 558


You are Very Welcome bro 😉 ! This is a Build member  Pah3ohjuk tried to Post, but with no Luck! I tried to help him out through TeamViewer   and I had to choose a forum from the DropDown below the editor befor Posting. After I posted it it was appearing in the forums. But a few minutes Later it dissapeared ❗ !

And I cant see  any threads or posts waiting for approval either! Something is not right or maybe I caught you while testing plugins lol


I have a few Updates about Build 557 + 558. I have had a very bad 3 days using Build 557 and I hope this will maybe help or give an explanation to others who had to experience the same thing I did.

About Paltalk Build 557:

I have never experienced so many issues with any Builds befor than on Build 557. I kept getting Disconnected all the time. I am on Windows 7 Professional and I have all the latest NET.Frameworks Installed and updated upto 4.5! I dont know why Paltalk Keeps releasing all these Builds and non of the mentioned issues are being fixed. Plus members are being told to send their Windows Crash Reports, But Windows Does not keep a single Crash Report coming from Paltlak Messenger. Very Weird, but thats what they keep telling members and non of them have ever caught any Crash Report by Windows

About Paltalk Build 558:

So far so good. I havnt had any Crash issues or any of the other issues befor! Yet I know that its not perfect at all. I do have Loading issues and when I start Paltalk it may hang for a few seconds befor the Welcome Widget showes up.

If anyone in this case have any clues or advice about how to get the Crash Dumps or Crash Reports from Paltalk Messenger Crashes then feel free to Let me know! I have so far found the Software Called “WhoCrashed” that I will try to use and see if I can get anything out of that. You can Download by Visiting this Page >>