Reply To: Plz help all progammers


Hey Loco thnx for ur .EXE file. It is working OK.


I am not using this tool for paltalk to catch the mic or keep it. I am using this tool for a different web-based voice chat rooms.
And in that chat rooms you can get the mic ONLY & ONLY by pressing the F9 KEY. You can’t change the hot key like paltalk to choose anyone( ctrl. F1 to F12, Space)

That is why mostly ppl ask for F9 as Key Holder.

You may visit this site for more info about one of those web-based chat rooms. [url]

Although I am sure you might have some solution for getting unbanned and un-kicked from that site, cuz the tools are made in VB. But i am sure that is not intresting for u guys to waste your time on that.

Hope info is enough lol…

And now Ninja get started (together with Loco) for a great F9 Holder lol

Thnx loco once again 😆