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@Admin wrote:

Aigh thas good to hear 8) . okie source code is made by using the the development tool in my case I use VB 6.0 which is a very easy programming language to learn.

okie here the steps then first download vb 6.0 I think someone post a link in the software section if is not there tell me so I can try to hook you up 🙂

after you have install vb 6.0 and u open it then thas when u go to this forum to learn how to get started

and a good tutorial to start with is this one

once you done with that tutorial u will have your first source code 🙂

the next step will e if you want to be like most of us learn how to program fro paltalk u can check this two tutorials


theres ome great tips by people of this forum up in there 🙂

and always ask questions here we will try to help ya out 😉

i did all that last nite loco on how 2 make a pop up that say my first program and i did the paltalk video sender i did it all now i want to make programs like yous i just got to know how to make the codes but i will read the JK’s API SPY 5.1… i gusse thats how we get the codes if thats not how please tell loco t.y