Reply To: How to detect disconection from paltalk server?


@locohacker wrote:

Check this post syxx post all of them

also how bout checking for the process, like in the process tab ❓

good point u said process . so i need to check if the paltalk.exe process is dead ? i main want to track those ocations when u are in room or paltalk is open and u do not hear voice or see text chats or de search!!!

The link has some good info but never mentioned about the ip ?

Loco i looked at paltalk.exe process just before and after those cases where i am in a room and i see everything is static and no voice and no new text and can not search case . The process’s memory usage before and after was almost same 11,680 !! So how i can use process to detect such cases automatically using process method that u meniton? i be happy if u help me here.Thanks