Reply To: how locohacker?


Ah man most of us use other codes to create our own 🙂 but the way you go about making a program is this.

1- think of what you want the program to do.

2- check and search for a code that might do what you want to do.

3- If you dont find the code you wanted then you go to and do a search on what you thinking about or just ask they have much more advance coders there.

4- Now this is what I do and most of us do when it comes to programming for paltalk, In this site and some others yo can find codes already made for paltalk. you can use those codes to learn how it works 🙂

Man coding is mad easy, I know most people never get into it cause they think is hard but vb is so easy once you get the hang of it.

I can give ya an easy to do program for paltalk, but at what level are you now. did you read this post I made

If you know that basics then I show you the next step 🙂