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Reply To: Post Your Favorite If Statement


@DeMo wrote:

If DeMo = “Pimp” Then
If You = “ho” Then
Call Smack(you)
End if
End if

Project SP Posted: Wed May 04, 2005 3:49 pm Post subject:

if i=”dont smack u” then u=”smack ur self biatch”

sense you really are a noob yourself and didn’t see that 2 other people did a “if” statement that does nothing which is basicly true you haven’t made anything yourself hackwood the cum guzzler all you make is crackers and i think what you do is use the same code in all your crackers thats all your site has is crackers because thats all you know how to make dude here are some programs i am almost done with lil cum loving freak boy.

and i just released this tool

not trying to impress anyone because i have already impressed myself.

i was going to question why you start fights for online hackword i i figured out why….



i thought you said you were never coming back here yet you did you are in a bad case of denial/retarded you must have been sexually beaten poor thing….

thus, said sense you eat your own cum and you just cant get enough of talking shit to someone on a forum because your really a retarded loser i no longer will be affened by you and what you say because people in your case cant help what they do there brain is to far gone. 8)