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Reply To: 10 dollars for the greeter code :)


yes paltalk is crap saddly UDG cant let it go 😆 😆 😆 😆 and UDG is allies with TDC?!?!!?!? man i owned this one TDC member on yahoo i stole his Yahoo ID and defaced his profile i swear like Crashypoo said on another topic theses clans are run by faggots who know nothing about hacking man NOTHING! ! ! you gotta listen to how me and TDC met.

Ok TDC guy comes into Yahoo chat call Hackers’ Lounge:1 one day and starts being just like sk8er here running his mouth thinking hes cool so someone i know made a program for yahoo thats a fake yahoo booter and some other fake yahoo programs and starts a site up and the guy who made the program was ripping yahoo ids like crazy so i asked the guy if i could get the code and all it is is just a program that checks the yahoo folder for yahoo ids and when the person logins in with the booter all there yahoo ids they have on there computer gets sent with there password to a guestbook log on a cPanel so one i checked my log and i seen his know in there well his yahoo id (tdc_hacker_tdc1) and his password workd loged in and took his id thou its lame i still owned him now this kid i found out lives in “Denmark” and now uses the yahoo id called darksidehax0rd 😆 a clone of my darksidehax0r yahoo id anyways thats how me and tdc met he still a loser for a kid ahaah and to this day i still own that kids yahoo id check out his profile

(if my typing is really bad sorry i was fucking badly sleepy)