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When i get my buddylist system with private messaging working. ( not started on it yet )

just done login/registration and design of the buddylist / main window stuff and thinking of how i am gonna have everything work lol

my chat system is all winsock/access databases/VB 6 so far, but i hope to incooperate my encryption class i did in c++ to secure the names/pwds to and from the database. Then a few other c++ dlls ill have to make, or c# ..not sure yet depends if im counting on .NET framework support or not for web access functionality. IF i plan to have video, which i doubt. Not while im doing the project myself anyways lol

Wonder if anyone here would be interested in getting involved in this project: Valeo Chat System <name i chose lol

but if anyone thinks they might want to help, whether it be webmaster for a site sumthin like or sum shit lol once i get everything workin okay, or if someone would like to help in making the chat system.

Programmer will need to have experience in more than one language… preferably VB 6 , C++/C# , or any .NET languages (c# .net , vb .net )