Reply To: sk8ers insights


check this out this is part of our lil convo we had
guys juss forget bout his lil stupid chat its all bs what winsock command u usin
sk8erboi4490: ask me friend lol
sk8erboi4490: tcp-ip he said lol, dont think he wa tlkin to me though oh what u callin the winsock controls
sk8erboi4490: hol up ill check
sk8erboi4490: damn hes a fag what u mean hes a fag ur the one with the prog tho
sk8erboi4490: ma friend
sk8erboi4490: he has the source code but u sayd u been coding a chat prog n so one on
sk8erboi4490: lol, i have the chat code im making, but not this one right
sk8erboi4490: for now we use ma friends code, jsu to chat lol what about the dot code n bounce code n video code there is video right???
sk8erboi4490: im not making no paltalk klol
sk8erboi4490: it has voice, file transfer, no video whats the site again?
sk8erboi4490: alrught so if theres no cam why the fuck is it called live cam chatter what u steal domain too?
sk8erboi4490: we plan on adding cam riiighttt enough bs im done with this

i got more ! ill be postin em as he bs furthermore