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Reply To: sk8ers insights



I’d sit here and type all the comments i’d like to make, but that would take awhile and im tired from practice right now.

So to cut things short:

1- Syxx, lol how you gonna lecture on “Programming” ? What have you done? I’ve seen your “submissions” on psc. WTF would ANYONE want source to a PALTALK parental controls remover ……. If your saying VB is not a real programming language, go read some books honey 🙂 People get PAID to develop applications in Visual Basic. I really don’t care what you have to say about it, why would i make a program in C++ for paltalk when i could do the same program in like 5 minutes using VB. You chose your language based off of the requirements for the program. Thank You, come again

2- Sk8er…… blah. If you didn’t code the chat program from scratch( aka “New Project” ) then don’t give yourself much credit. Alot of the difficulty with a Chat System is figuring out where to start and how to go about things. I spent about a weeks worth of spare time to get my chat system off the ground, all i’ve got done is the login/registration part and now working on the buddy list / private messaging. Also i will build my file transfer methods in c++ and export to dll for easy, and FAST transfers through VB. I am not saying your dumb or haven’t done a chat…just saying you not done it all by yourself and starting from nothing.

3- anyone else?