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Reply To: sk8ers insights


how would i be able to do that?damn i been talking to loco, he knows about me workin on do u think i got the 1000 paltalk files?i work man, something u need to give me credit for.u must be 17, but u think u no it all.but when did u learn?u must have been my age when u started didnt you?

and about the chat no i didnt do that, the codes i got from other people were listed in the coding, and i am making a thanks oart to the chat for the people who have helped me out with the chat.

i dont take codes, i use them for purposes to make my own words worth making.something i guess u still didnt learn after all u been living.

u need to respect something people on the site, not just desctiminate againt me cause u know i can do some things better then anyone on the site, exept for ice and hacky.