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Reply To: Paltalk Data Spy


@UDG Clan wrote:

man like wow wow tell me one of you never got a good code and liked it and chnaged every thing if yyou said no your a bitch ass lier even if you a good programer wehn you started progrtame i bet you you got a programe from and chnaged it so shut up i did the same too

me neither
said i had to register n shit n i was too lazy to even go check out programs from there

but i agree with ice

everytime i made a program as a beginner id end up learnin somethin new
n so on until u get good at it
dun even be tryin to cover up for ur lil 12 year old friend when it pretty obvious that the chat things bullshit n he still goin on bout how he worked on it with his lil imaginary friends n online buddies