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Reply To: Paltalk Data Spy


……….. 🙄

First, you can’t set a windows hook on a port. 😉
Only way to intercept data being sent and received is through a sniffer such as ethereal like crash mentioned. It would take awhile to learn to sniff packets over a secure connection though and it would not help much to receive the packets and have to interpret what they mean and to actually get any useful ones. Half the packets are filled with pointless hex that ends up actually saying ” Welcome .. [] To ..~ Pal..Tal..K “

what did you have in mind..? you wouldn’t be able to catch a packet and edit n then send on to server if thats what you were aiming at. nor catch a packet from server and edit to send on to your pc. VB isn’t fast enough, and it would be complicated in c++ BUT (somewhat doable)