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Reply To: I need help getting paltalk room submenus


Now that u remind me there is a much easier way to get the menu item , this was explain by ice.

For those of u dont know Ice is a legend in the paltalk world, one of the best programers 🙂

Anyways this way is way easier, u need reshack which u can download here

ok now open reshack and open the paltalk client.

Than you will something like u will see in the pic on the bottom of this post . You see on the pic right next to “join group” there is this number 32882 well tha number is the menu id, so let say u want to call that menu on your program you will use a code like this

window = FindWindow("seinfeld_superman", "paltalk Messenger 7.0")
PostMessage window, WM_COMMAND, 32882, 0

See much easier, lol thanks to ice i found this,

Another way to find the id of the menu is by using Spy ++ and check for the process while u enter the rooms, u will see everythign the program is doin and see the menu id, lol its a little harder but it faster to find the id number 🙂

Big thanks to ice for this info