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Reply To: Giving Your Project Controls a XP Look by Project SP


Check I was looking for this solution, where all the options controls or check boxes turb black inside a frame when giving a xp look, but i found this and it works to take the black away.

controls (such as option buttons and check boxes) within a Frame control will loose the XP style and appear as black boxes. The problem is that to draw the XP styles the container must provide a device context handle (hDc) with which to perform the GDI functions. Since frames don’t provide an hDc the result is an unpainted (black) controls. A tip I received from Quintin Prinsloo to overcome this problem is to place the controls inside a picture box – which has a hDc – and then place the picture box into the frame. By setting the border style to none the controls paint correctly without the appearance of the extra picture box.

Cool 🙂