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Reply To: Making Programs Fo the new paltalk


Finally got it, its sending the text to the room box, thanks
Syxx, I change the code too ejjeje 😆 so here the final code that works using crash old code. only works for build 34 tho

Dim mywindowclass As Long
Dim wtlsplitterwindow As Long
Dim atlc As Long
Dim atlaxwin As Long
Dim x As Long
Dim richedita As Long

mywindowclass = FindWindow("my window class", vbNullString)
wtlsplitterwindow = FindWindowEx(mywindowclass, 0&, "wtl_splitterwindow", vbNullString)
wtlsplitterwindow = FindWindowEx(wtlsplitterwindow, 0&, "wtl_splitterwindow", vbNullString)
atlc = FindWindowEx(wtlsplitterwindow, 0&, "atl:004c4600", vbNullString)
atlaxwin = FindWindowEx(atlc, 0&, "atlaxwin71", vbNullString)
x = FindWindowEx(atlaxwin, 0&, "#32770", vbNullString)
richedita = FindWindowEx(x, 0&, "richedit20a", vbNullString)
richedita = FindWindowEx(x, richedita, "richedit20a", vbNullString)
Call SendMessageByString(richedita, WM_SETTEXT, 0&, Text$)

one this is this code always going to be changing with every new build

atlc = FindWindowEx(wtlsplitterwindow, 0&, "atl:004c4600", vbNullString)

Tha suks we going have to change the proggies all the time lol