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Reply To: Making Programs Fo the new paltalk


Kittenless thats wha I want to do upgrade programs, 😈 but this is the shit i use the api spy and this code seem to be right it was done by Crash

Dim wtlsplitterwindow As Long, atlc As Long, atlaxwin As Long
Dim x As Long, richedita As Long
Dim mywindowclass As Long
mywindowclass = FindWindow("my window class", vbNullString)
wtlsplitterwindow = FindWindow("wtl_splitterwindow", vbNullString)
wtlsplitterwindow = FindWindowEx(wtlsplitterwindow, 0&, "wtl_splitterwindow", vbNullString)
atlc = FindWindowEx(wtlsplitterwindow, 0&, "atl:004c4600", vbNullString)
atlaxwin = FindWindowEx(atlc, 0&, "atlaxwin71", vbNullString)
x = FindWindowEx(atlaxwin, 0&, "#32770", vbNullString)
richedita = FindWindowEx(x, 0&, "richedit20a", vbNullString)
richedita = FindWindowEx(x, richedita, "richedit20a", vbNullString)
Call SendMessageByString(richedita, WM_SETTEXT, 0&, Text$)

I am not good at dealing with external programs but I am getting better at it, so wtf it doesnt want to send the message ❓ Anyways I keep on checking untyl my girl tells me to stop jejeejejje