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@autopilot Is there any way to customize the room selector?

you can get the source code for the room selector from VB2008 PalRoomSelector project.

Thanks auto. I managed to change the combobox style. After changing it, I started a new project and followed your steps to integrate but it fails to select rooms. Here is what I did:

1. I opened the palroomselector project, skinned the combobox, then saved the project
2. I opened a new project, added the mdl resources (4 total)
3. I added a reference and pointed to the newly-skinned room selector.dll
4. I added the new room selector.dll to the toolbox and dragged it onto form1
5. I double clicked form1 and on form1’s load event, I added


6. I saved it, ran the project, but rooms do not appear in the dropdown.

What have I forgotten dear kind sir?