Reply To: Cant get Text from Room – Crown IM ?


@AutoPilot omg, What an awesome job! You are working a total different level. Thank you.

I have a very few questions about it! The way I got the room ID was using the HWND ID or NR. It seems to change for each time I start the Chat-Software! Am I missing something or maybe adding the codes wrong.. Or there is nothing to do about that….And one last thineg. about the in the GUID Field:

Public IID_IHTMLDocument As New Guid("626FC520-A41E-11CF-A731-00A0C9082637")

How did you get the ID or Numbers is it something that is already written for the Code, and is it something thats going to change later on.. ? Thank you very much Auto-Pilot ….

@NYVE, I think we could create some awesome tools in future for other ChatApps! I am glad that at least me as a newly beginner can get so much great advice, because I already am a member of vBforums and other larger forums that does not covert any of this at all….

@Bro Dep, Nice job, and the screenshots are very helpfull. Finally we made it!.. I am thinking start programing a bit in Delphi too.. I have a user posting lately in our forums some awsome delphi tutorials, I think you will like it too…….