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Reply To: how to get names in paltalk room to a listbox?


Hi String,

Thank you for the example, do you have an example that is working for paltalk 10.4?

Hi Johnny5. Its not because its not working, but because Paltalk is changing the Nicklist class everytime a new update is out. I suggest that you try fix it by yourself so you always know how to fix it, just like user “deeva2” and like myself. I have

Here is a Screenshot where the Niclist class Code is Located (Use a Spy++ Tool / Windows Finder)

1) Open the Project, and simply find the “Niclist” Class in your Form Code under the “Paltalk Controls” Section… Or if you have Auto-Pilots “Paltalks Component Package” where the Nicklist class is located in mdlpalinfo.vb…
2) Try to Download the Window Finder that I have attached below.
3) Open your Paltalk Messenger and Join a room.. Or open your own room!
– Now Start the Window Finder Tool, Click on the “Search” Tab*Menu >> Find Window
4) Now simply Drag and Drop the Blue/Black circle where the Nicknames are in the room.. Shown on the Image above..
5) After you get the Nicklist Class Code, Simply add the new Niclist class in the Niclist Class found in yiour form “Paltalk Controls”!

Good luck mate!

I have attached a WindowFinder below so you can use that to find the Window Class names… If you have any questions feel free to ask!