Reply To: [RESOLVED]Width of a ListView control


lol…i am not sure if i were correct in saying the “width” of a column…but to be clear i meant to get the number of entries or rows in a column.

dude…since i m trying to learn c# with a bit of api, i decided to write some simple pal programs 😀

the listview that i am talking about is the name list of any pal room… 😛
in fact…i would need e.g. to get a name from that list…etc. if you guys can tell me how to get e.g. the width of that list, i might be able to go further on myself fact i came across one of ur posts…where u get a nick in pal room in Delphi 5…from the topic of ur seems that i am looking for the same thing only in c#…but unfortunately its no longer there…the post is here:

hoping for more tips 🙄