Reply To: Looking for fast re entery as admin program

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oki check this thing i made lol
lol is not perfect do this for it to work
first open the admin login console and find the posistion of the room owner hehe I mean u see when open the admin login console oki and u try to look for the nick of the admin like the list next to Room owner: okie so lets say the nick is the 3 one in the program u will 2 where it says Nick location so if the nick is the first one then on the program u will put 0 okie so its always one less, this the onyl way i could make it work for today later i might do is so u can put the nick 🙂

then u put the code

and thats it all u do is then click on where it says join room

here it is check it, and i going to make it a lot better when i get time 🙂