Reply To: Looking for fast re entery as admin program

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@locohacker wrote:

umm bouncing a specific person its hard to do 🙂 cause i am having big problems higlighting the right nick lol once i find out that i can finish the admin bot 🙂

I can red dot all thas easy 🙂

Thank u for u reply. Well i do not mean bouncing a specific person. What i mean a text box that you type the reason of bounce and a bounce click just like the fast bouncer availabe in your site already . The reason that it is good to have all these options in one prgram is that u be able to find them fast and use them(f9 holder,bounce button,) .

It would be sooooo good if on re entry every one gets red dot except u and a button to unred yourself if another admin give u red.

Furthermore, did u get a way to type room owner name instead of typing its position in your list? well i got too many people in my list and some time the room owner name is way down the list and hard to count them !loll