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Reply To: Paltalk beta version supports programmers to create bots ( Paltalk NG )


I couldn’t get item 2 to work either. I was using LVM_GETITEMW but since Paltalk is in a different process I have to allocate memory in the Paltalk process to read it,e.g. VirtualAllocEx, and then I have to copy that memory to my process. Anyway, I tested it on a list view in one of my programs and it worked by returning the list of items, but with Paltalk I got empty strings.

Oh, and eventually I’d like to read who is in Queue (and their order) and I’m not sure how getting a list of users in the room would tell me that.

Another desired feature would be to easily dot the person on mic, and then immediately undot them. This is for users who overstay their time on mic. Dotting them on mic in the current Paltalk isn’t too difficult, but undotting is difficult because dotted users immediately drop to the bottom of the user list. In a large room that means scrolling to the bottom. Some bots in Classic were written to get to a user by using keystroke scrolling built into Windows controls (i.e. typing the first few characters in the name gets you to the name in the list). There is no such ability in this Paltalk client.

Considering how difficult this is I don’t know why the UI Automation structure is not expanded a little to list the user nickname. That would be easier for me.