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Yea but if u dont know there many ways im telling you this
then can shell there pc using a shell script and command prompt
Not only that then could flood packets on the server
it dont matter but if u had protection then its a different story
but they can flood tcp icmp udp packets and so on
And or yea forgot lol if its on a regular pc then u could end on having problems… Because A Chat Needs To Be Basically On A Server Pc.. Wich Has All The Sercurity Feature’s Such Has If U uSe windows 2003 server ..
Chats Will Need HighSpeed For In And Out Sound Video, And Chat Conversation’s.. If u have like 100 people on a chat and its on a basic pc.. then u could end up have the server crashing ..
And Yea How Are u Managing Getting this chat on with what ISP is it cable if is do they allowed u to host a chat server…