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Re: hmmm


hmmm with wine i just opened the paltalk installer and it set up a fakewindows folder with all the needed files to run paltalk basicly thats what wine does now it justs makes a fake windows on the OS so you can run Win32 Appz Knoppix i think would be the best thing to use thou for newbs like UDG Since they are using there mommys computer LOL i doubt theses kids can get there own computer on by cleaning the house and mowing the lawn 😉 anyways but knoppix just runs off a CD-Rom sadly i dont go for linux because linux is about as lame as windows i like Unix FreeBSD the command line is alot nicer and the platform is alot better 😉 my point of view is that Knoppix is a for sure a hacked up linux kernal LOL…