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Re: lol


Well learn to program and tell your lil so called friends wh own that wannabe voice chat program to learn how to code and not use something off PSC. Now you hate me yes? i still question how you can hate me but yet you will use my code in one of your programs? seems to me your in denial here you dont know what you hate or like your still questioning what your here in this world to do does it take a someone with a high IQ to figure that one out nah… Now listen up kid im done with you im not trying to run you down just grow up if you hate me some much then dont use anything of mine im mine its stupied how you can run me down and talk shit about how bad my programs suck and they dont work but yet you will use a source code i give out i mine thats too funny i think your trying to get people to stick up for you so when someone says my shit sucks you join in and agree with them because you think that people on here are really your “Friend” if thats what people like you come on here trying to find seck help mental help now im dropping this whole thing here i wont say another word to you can you be a man and do the same? speak your mind but think about what your saying before your say it.