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Re: lol


sk8er stop the damn lieing man you dont own that dumbass company man you show a screen shot of your make and legal proof to everyone here that you own the company maybe then i’ll believe you why are you trying to say tha you are who your not? its people like you who are the real lamers lamer fits people like you good because you say you did all this coding by your self you stated that you own that fuckin retarded voice and what ever else it is dude you are you going to grow up im like sick of hearing people like you try to take other peoples credit for stuff they did tha your didn’t do and saddly you are a noob and the people who own that company are noobs for having to use someone elses useless code off PSC Imean come on if they really were programmers they wouldn’t use a code off PSC man just go’s to show you are who your not. and fuck that stupied company if it is yours i’ll never use it not if i was gojng to be paid 500 billion dollars to use it for 5 secs i dont care what you have to say about what i just said but im really sick of hearing you lie out your ass about that stupied company. you cant own that company you dont have a job your still living with your mom and dad stay and school pecker head and learn how to program cause you have even said that limit made the age checker you didn’t do and coding of your own even your anti-ban you said you made you never made that was loco hackers and he released the source code to it and you modfiyed it.